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The new XCOM has invaded the world, but is it the betrayal we feared, or did Firaxis redeem the franchise?

EDIT: A number of people have pointed out that the FPS version of XCOM is under development by 2K Marin, a separate developer from Firaxis, and that the shooter was not been scrapped in favor of the strategy game. While it's true that the FPS XCOM has not officially been scrapped, it's changed hands between developers several times and appears to be stuck in limbo with no definite release date. I remember now the Firaxis devs mentioned their work was a separate entity, so I was in error there.

Even so, I found Firaxis to be very receptive to fan input. As with the Civilization series, they mentioned listening closely to fan input on how the games could be improved and balanced. It's clear they wanted to deliver a gaming experience true to the series roots. They stayed true to the spirit of the original games, unlike the shooter, which nobody asked for.

This Video Game Review was released on December 30th 2014 by Noah Antwiler.

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