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Completing the geek holy trinity of remakes, the Clan of the Gray Wolf tackles video games. But things take on a very different tone than the two proceeding podcasts as the guys find themselves consumed by a more theoretical discussion about video games in general. Are videogame remakes anywhere near the same as those from film and television? This and a rare glimpse into the childhood of Boomer today on the Echo Screen! 0:00 - Intro (Remakes, Lazy Ports, & Throwbacks) 18:20 - Lazy Ports 23:30 - Remakes (& One Reboot) 28:45 - The Success of Video Game Remakes 38:45 - Throwbacks See more of our content on clanofthegraywolf.com

This Video Game Review was released on October 6th 2010 by J Desena.

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