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In part 2 of a series on remakes in popular media, the guys take some time to ponder the TV show updates they'd most like to see... in addition to celebrating the best and painfully recalling the worst that have already been made. Why was Battlestar Ga-remake-tica so popular? Should they ever revamp Seinfeld? And what series made Boomer's massive "most wanted remakes" list? Sit down and grab your TV dinner while the Clan of the Gray Wolf tackles television remakes!In this episode:0:00 - Intro & Why so many TV shows are being remade12:00 - Successful remakes25:00 - Not so successful remakes32:00 - Remakes we'd like to see41:30 - Remakes we don't want to seeFor more of our content, visit clanofthegraywolf.com

This Video Game Review was released on July 25th 2010 by J Desena.

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