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*Review coming soon!* One of the new featured modes in the New Battlefield Hardline is Hotwire, here is our experience with this mode! Waxxon ranked 4th the in world and unlocked most everything for driving around in circles for maybe 4 hours? higher than other players who dominated in conquest, TDM, and other modes! LOL! Twitch ► Link Twitter ► Link Twitter ► Link Facebook ► Link AJSA Community ► Link AngryArmy Shirts/Stuff ► Link Please note that this Lets Play is a part of a promo awareness campaign. I was compensated for my time and effort. However, my views and impressions are my own and per my specific stipulation. I’m free to say whatever I’d like about my experience and the game in question. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video please leave a like and comment!

This Video Game Review was released on March 20th 2015 by Joey Vargas.

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