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Angry Joe, Other Joe and Delrith play some pretty close and intense matches with the AJSA in Nosgoth! Now that its gone Open Beta you should check it out. Its missing a good story, some lack of depth in modes right now, but the gameplay has been pretty awesome for us. Twitch ► Link Twitter ► Link Twitter ► Link Facebook ► Link AJSA Community ► Link AngryArmy Shirts/Stuff ► Link *This video was two weeks delayed due to PAX and an unrelated DMCA issue* Please note that this Lets Play is a part of a promo awareness campaign. I was compensated for my time/effort. However, my views and impressions are my own as per my specific stipulation. We are free to say whatever we like about my experience and the game in question. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video please leave a like and comment!

This Video Game Review was released on February 3rd 2015 by Joey Vargas.

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